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  Monday-Saturday: 11am - 9pm
  Sunday :   11am-8pm


Happy Hour!!!
3pm to 4:45pm Monday to Friday Beverage (alcohol):
•Butter-Chardonnay $7.00
• Beer of the day $5.00
• Huckleberry Lemonade $7.00
• Margarita $8.00
• Pierogi with Marinara Sauce $6.00
• Tequenos (mozzarella sticks), chipotle $6.00
• Small Side Salad $4.00
• Small Caesar Salad $5.00
• Bruschetta $7.00
• Flat Bread: Margarita $7.00

Specials straight from our bar

Mezcal cocktail.jpg
blackberry cocktail.jpg
Rye negroni cocktail.jpg
elderflower cocktail.jpg
Saffron martini.jpg
Cocktail-golden martini.jpg
brandy steamer.jpg
Blackberry negroni.jpg

Read more about our staff on the "Team page"

 Indoor Dining, Patio Dining,
& Take-Out


Here at Aperitivo, our classically trained chefs and bartenders hand pick the finest ingredients to bring quality to the table.  We are a global fusion restaurant, featuring cuisine from east to west. Located in Boulder Colorado.



  Monday-Saturday: 11am - 9pm
  Sunday :    11am-8pm


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